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  • Masterminded from a GSC x Snow Lotus pairing, Space Cake is an Indica-dominant hybrid that’s ideal for contemplation and relaxation. Flowers are an appealing light green color, with heavy inclusion of bright orange and purple hairs. The fragrance is a spicy-sweet burst of goodness over the traditional pungence, with a subtle vanilla undertone, and the sweetness develops further in the flavor of the smoke.

    30- 34% average THC level expresses as a nicely balanced high that induces an initial euphoria and happiness, but without any psychoactive effects. Body mellow sets in with increasing relaxation and slight tingles, which are pleasantly soothing but not overly sedating. This is a great strain for nighttime use and can help manage symptoms of stress, depression, anxiety, and pain.

Space Cake 3.5 grams

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  • thc 33%

  • 3.5 grams 

    Euphoric 56 % 

    Happy 54 % 

    Uplifted 51 % 

    Creative 45 % 

    Energetic 45 %

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