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Sherb Mints Is A Colorful, Flavorful And Potent Strain That Provides Full-Body Relaxation, Stress Relief, And Euphoric Bliss. A Sweet, Skunky Citrus Aroma With A Candy-Like Scent Is Derived From This Strains Girl Scout Cookies Lineage, While Kush Mints Is What Gives This Flower Its Earthy And Minty Notes. What Begins As A Jolt Of Cerebral Energy And A Warm Buzz Eventually Melts Away Any Tension And Evolves Into A Calming And Deeply Relaxing High. The Energizing Sativa-Dominant Effects That This Strain Has To Offer Are Grounded By More Physical Indica-Dominant Effects, Providing A Well-Balanced Experience.

Sherbmints 3.5 grams

Out of Stock
  • thc 33%

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