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Purple Haze is about as pop culture as it gets. A strain that has not only firmly secured its place in the lexicon of cannabis lovers, but has also been immortalized in song more times than you can count. Made famous by the legendary Jimi Hendrix in his 1967 hit, and cementing its place in Hip Hop lore through mentions on countless tracks, Purple Haze is more of a cultural phenomenon than just an everyday cultivar.

But what exactly makes this singular strain so special? Why has it grown into the legend that it is today? In this strain review, we’ll dive into the history, effects, and characteristics of Purple Haze to understand just why it continues to be one of the most sought-after true ‘old school’ strains right up until today, with its popularity supersizing with each passing year.

Purple Haze strain info, history, and genetics
Now, unlike most new school strains, which have lineages that can be traced back multiple generations, the true origin of Purple Haze is, well, somewhat hazy. A quick Google search shows that there are multiple origin stories circulating online regarding the origins of Purple Haze.

Some say that the strain was first developed in Thailand in the very early 1970s, with others reporting that it is actually of Colombian descent, and first hit the scene there in the mid-60s. Either way, it’s pretty clear that Purple Haze has been a momentous success in terms of stabilization and initial mass production. Big thanks to the legendary breeders, The Haze Brothers, and Dave Watson, also known as Sam The Skunkman, for introducing the first batch of Purple Haze in Amsterdam back in the late 1970s.

The genetics of Purple Haze

The true genetics are also clouded in fog. Some claim that Purple Haze is simply a phenotype of the OG Sativa Haze, while others claim it’s a combination of Sativa Haze, which is known for its uplifting and energetic effects, and Purple Thai.

The result is a strain with a perfect balance of both physical and cerebral high that has become synonymous with the Purple Haze name. And while we may not know the exact genetic origin, what we do know is that this strain stands tall as one of the best and most iconic Sativa strains of all time.


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