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Authentic and uncomplicated, Pharaoh Sativa is a dark brown resinous hash with a firm feel. Produced from a single sativa strain and clocking in at a high THC potency potential, Pharaoh Sativa is made using dry ice sift trichome extraction and packaged in a resealable, odour-proof pouch.

Pharaoh Hash Sativa was born and bred for those that need an extra boost to get the most out of the day. With so little time between dawn and dusk, Pharaoh Hash Sativa allows you to enjoy every minute of it.

Pharaoh Hash Sativa offers a pure hash taste that offers unique floral and sweet aromas. The effects are instantaneous, and you’ll immediately notice a creative drive or a bump in energy.

Pharaoh Hash Sativa is meant for those that live in the moment. If you’re ready to savor every instant, whether outdoors or indoors, then Pharaoh Hash Sativa is right for you.


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