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  • Midnight Runtz is an indica dominant hybrid strain (70% indica/30% sativa) created through crossing the delicious Funky Charms X Runtz strains. Named for its celebrity parentage and nighttime effects, Midnight Runtz is the perfect bud for any patient who’s after some sweet relaxation before they get to sleep. The high settles in a few minutes after your final exhale, wrapping both mind and body with a warming sense of calm, almost like settling in under a heavy electric blanket. A boost in euphoria accompanies this deep relaxation, helping to lift your spirits even as you settle further and further into the couch or into bed. Thanks to these effects and its high 25-26% average THC level, Midnight Runtz is often said to be perfect for treating conditions such as chronic pain, inflammation, irritable bowel syndrome, depression and headaches or migraines. This bud has a sweet and fruity blueberry candy flavor with hints of sour citrus and a touch of spiciness. The aroma is of sweet fruity blueberries and spicy earth, accented by sour citrus and fresh herbs. Midnight Runtz buds have dense and small grape-shaped forest green nugs with dark purple undertones, thin orange hairs and tiny, bright white crystal trichomes.

Midnight RUNTS (Indoor)3.5 grams

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