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Both a euphoric and riveted cannabis strain, Jet Fuel Acai’s onset of effects has been reviewed to be useful for users looking to stay productive while still being able to indulge and relax the mind. This strain may help increase workflow and bouts of creativity. Jet Fuel Acai is a hybrid cross of Hi-Octane and Jet Fuel, or more commonly known as $$G6$$. The flavor palate will not disappoint cannabis connoisseurs who have a taste for strains with a high-octane aroma and flavor.

Some users who have indulged on Jet Fuel Acai’s dense and aromatic buds have reported to have been greeted with pungent aromas and flavors of juniper wood notes and diesel fumes, accompanied with a nutty undertone and aftertaste. Depending on cultivation and curing techniques, Jet Fuel Acai typically produces medium to large, dense and evenly shaped bright green buds frequently covered in a sparse coating of non-glandular trichomes with light tinges of violet purple.

Some users have noted that Jet Fuel Acai helped alleviate symptoms of mild depression and anxiety. Dominant terpenes found in Jet Fuel Acai are Limonene, Beta-Caryophyllene, and Beta-Myrcene, while THC content has been found to average at about 34%

Jet Fuel Açai 3.5 grams

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  • thc 33%

  • Calm 73 % 

    Happy 68% 

    Relaxed 60%

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