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An all-time great sativa bred from Aspen OG and High Country Diesel, this sweet, sharp smoke will lift you up while launching you into the stratosphere. Get stuff done and feel good doing it.


Jet Fuel is extremely popular among recreational cannabis users. Producing an initial boost of energy, Jet Fuel is a great strain to enjoy during the day, with many users reporting feeling focused and creative under her influence. If you like to wake-and-bake or couple cannabis with exercise or creative tasks, Jet Fuel is a great choice. Jet Fuel is also a great strain to pass around at parties or other social gatherings. Once her uplifting, energetic effects wear off, you’ll experience a relaxing, soothing physical stone that’ll set you up nicely for a restorative sleep.


Jet Fuel’s unique effects also make her a great choice for medical users. Thanks to her uplifting and energising nature, Jet Fuel is a particularly attractive option for patients needing daytime relief without feeling sedated or sleepy. While every patient is different, some report using Jet Fuel successfully to deal with:

Chronic pain
Muscle spasms
The high-energy effects of Jet Fuel may also help some patients dealing with fatigue or low motivation, promoting an active, focused, and chipper state of mind.

Jet Fuel 3.5g INDOOR SATIVA 🔥🔥

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