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Grower: Big Smokey Farms

💯This is a super potent high and each hit carries a potent cerebral kick of euphoria that clouds your mind giving you a nice sense of peace and relaxtion. As your mind continues to elevate, your body tries to catch up and youll eventually start to feel an uplifting body buzz starting in your legs float up through your limbs . The high is fast acting and long lasting, youll find yourself in a daze benefiting from the stress, pain and fatigue relieving effects. Definitely a strain to keep in daily rotation

➿This strain has a super sweet creamy aroma with an pungent undertone of chocolate/mocha fuel . As you break the nugs down the the aroma get stronger with a sweet vanilla cream, spicey fuel leading the nose. The flavors are as amazing as the aroma, when smoking you get a super smooth hit of cookies & cream with a musky skunk notes and hints of a fuel & earth undertone.
🥊Trichomes dance on the frosty leaves of this flower like diamonds. The nugs display deep dark navy purple leaves that look black in contrast to the forest green hues. In some of the outer leaves you can see greener hues fade into purple , a unique quality I havent noticed in many other flowers and maybe my favorite thing about its aesthetic. As you break down the nugs you’ll notice your fingertips coated with a layer of trichomes . Theres a nice crispness to each nug that creates that nice “snap” sound, the big dense flower is soft and sticky as you break it down but keeps a kushy body perfect for rolling up.

Double Stuffed Oreoz (Big Smokey Farms) 3.5 grams

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