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Blue River™ Live Rosin Sauce Cartridges are a part of our Blue River™ Signature Exclusive series of AVD branded vape products that offer consumers a safe, convenient, and controlled way to vaporize strain-specific solvent-less oil. Our advanced mechanical separation technology known as Blue River™ AMST is used to naturally preserve an unadulterated higher concentration of full spectrum cannabinoids and terpenes without the use of water, chemical solvents, fillers, cuts, or flavor additives. Blue River™ Live Rosin Sauces are high performance oils that provide 45-55 draws per .5g with the best flavor retention known throughout the cannabis industry. Blue River™ AVD signature cartridges are specifically designed to handle Blue River™ Live Rosin Sauces, equipped with real glass casings, a custom bullet ceramic mouthpiece, and a custom “low temp” ceramic core vaporizer. Blue River™ Live Rosin Sauce AVD Carts offer mobile dosing with smooth robust flavors that deliver effective, clean, and controlled experiences

Blue River Live Rosin Sauce

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