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Birthday Cake, also called Birthday Cake Kush, is an indica-dominant hybrid strain (cultivar). Birthday Cake is loved for its sweet vanilla cake-like flavor and was created by crossing parent strains Girl Scout Cookies with Cherry Pie.Users say it has a strong sedating effect on the mind and body. Therefore, this strain is preferred by those who need additional support for pain, insomnia, appetite loss, headaches, and inflammation.

Birthday Cake is typically 60% Cannabis sativa and 40% Cannabis indica. Although some claim it’s a 50/50 split. Regardless, it still gives users the best of both. Birthday Cake requires a hot and humid climate to grow, and it can thrive indoors or out, making it an easy plant to cultivate for first-time growers. The buds are light green and orange, are dusted lightly with resin, and some have hints of purple.

Birthday Cake oz Sale 28g HYBRID

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