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1000 MG THC OIL 

Great For : Pain Relief, Easing Anxiety or Tension,AIDS/HIV,Chronic pain, Crohn’s disease,Depression,Insomnia,Various types of cancer 


Our Chronic Buddha Oil syringe is a high potency distillate (pure cannabinoid concentrate) for patients looking for pure THC in an easy to use method, while still being versatile on your method of consumption.With no artificial flavors or added terpenes this triple threat distillate is decarboxylated making it an ideal medicine for patients that are on the go and/or looking for a high THC content. Edible enthusiasts or any patient looking for high THC content can easy use this medicine by adding it to your edible regimen or taking it sublingually.

1000 MG THC Raw OIL Syringe

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